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Nuclear Frontiers: Powering Possibility Virtual Field Trip

Join the American Nuclear Society as we show students the amazing ways that nuclear science is fueling earthly innovation and deep space exploration. The Nuclear Frontiers: Powering Possibility Virtual Field Trip takes students inside the mind-blowing possibilities of nuclear science on earth before letting them plan their own colony on the moon. On the way, students will meet a variety of stellar special guests who share their out-of-this-world experiences.

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did you know

Did You Know

Radiation and radioisotopes are used in the medical field to improve our health and save lives!

Radiation allows for quick, safe, early, and more accurate medical diagnoses. Today, about one-third of all procedures used in modern hospitals involve radiation or radioactivity.

Explore careers in nuclear energy

What are the pathways towards a career in nuclear science? You may be surprised to find out that there are many ways to make an impact in healthcare, energy, and the environment by exploring a career in the nuclear field.

Classroom Resources

Guide your students through the world of nuclear energy and related fields with digital lesson plans, project starters, career resources, and more to power up the learning in your classroom!