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Your career is not a job title - it's the opportunity you have to be in exciting fields while having a positive impact on the world. Jobs abound in the field of nuclear energy and other related fields, often presenting themselves through unexpected pathways and in disciplines you might not think of when you think nuclear science.
Extend discussions around STEM applications beyond the classroom with these real world examples of people in nuclear-related careers and the impacts they are having on their communities and the world at large.
Dr Sukesh Aghara

Nuclear Researcher

Sukesh Aghara, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Director, Nuclear Engineering Program

Director, Integrated Nuclear Security & Safeguards Lab (INSSL)

University of Massachusetts Lowell

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“Aspiring nuclear researchers should be analytical thinkers who are naturally curious and have a predisposition to saying ‘yes’.”

Natalie Zaczek McIntosh

Mechanical Engineer

Natalie Zaczek McIntosh, P.E.

Nuclear Fuels Engineer

Exelon Nuclear

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“Don’t worry too much if you’re uncertain about which type of engineering degree to pursue – you don’t specifically need a nuclear engineering degree to be part of the industry.”

M. Alex Brown


M. Alex Brown, Ph.D.


Argonne National Laboratory

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“With great power…comes great responsibility! Nuclear chemists have a moral duty to promote peaceful uses of nuclear technology and dispel negative and harmful myths about nuclear energy.”

did you know

Did You Know?

Radiation makes our food safer, healthier, and keeps it fresh longer!

Using lower doses of ionizing radiation can lengthen the refrigerated life of fresh fish and chicken for several weeks. Sealed, treated foods can stay on your shelf at room temperature for years, like canned food.

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Join us as we go on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station and learn about the creation of environmentally friendly electrical power using nuclear technologies. Join the conversation on social media using #NavigatingNuclearVFT!

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